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August 14-16, 2023
National Western Complex
Denver, CO

Exhibitor Show Info

Showcase Your Line in Denver

The Rocky Mountain Apparel, Gift & Resort Show is the mountain regions premier wholesale retail buyers event. With the permanent closing of the Denver Merchandise Mart the new event will now take place at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO on August 14-16, 2023.

Booth Package
  • Sign with Booth Number

  • Two Clothing Racks

  • Rear Curtain (8' High and Two 8' Side Curtains

  • Two 6' Draped Tables

  • Two Draped Risers

  • Two Chairs and Wastebasket

  • Unlimited On-Sight Drayage

  • *Unlimited Onsite Drayage applies only to privately owned vehicles(POV's). Common Carrier shipments delivered on-site will be subject to drayage fees.

Beneficial Marketing Support

The Rocky Mountain Apparel, Gift & Resort Show will launch an aggressive, international marketing campaign to announce the new show location and expanded offerings to attract current and prospective customers. Tactics will include:

  • Comprehensive direct mail campaign targeting domestic and international attendees

  • Publicity Campaign designed to generate advance press coverage in key industry trade publications

  • Broadcast Email messaging targeting thousands of buyers

  • Buyer Relations outreach securing attendance of VIPs with travel incentives, telemarketing and on-site amenities.

  • Free Exhibitor Support Materials


Erika Lowery


Dirk Von Gal



Matt Miller


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